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About Us

DraftOK, “what’s (my) name”?

OK  (“OK,” / “O.K.” /  “Okay” / “oki” ) abbreviation  ‘All Correct’ [Oll Korrect] means approval, acceptance, assent, or acknowledgment. “OK” recalled a simple draft of a cosmonaut.
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Pareto 80/20:  In 20% of the time we reach 80% of the results.

Prakinson:  the time allotted for the task is fully consumed. For example:  When grandmother2 plan to send a postcard in one day, She will: searching a pattern – 3h, 1h – looking for a glasses, 1h – searching for a decent pencil & pen, 2h –  asking “what to write?”, 1h – walking to the mailbox; How will send a postcard a busy person – in a 3 minutes on the occasion of doing something else.

DraftOK Team

We have recognition and titles Scientific, Academic and Commercial, experience of working with small and medium enterprises and corporations. Our staff provide support in languages:  Polisj, English, Russian. We have experience also in such markets as : UK, Bulgarian, Czech

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Mission Statement:

Aside from earning … 😀 Improving the World of Authors by friendly cooperation with (e-) Publishing House with Fair Offers.
Providing support to the issue of those books that other publishers were afraid to even think about.
The mission of publishers is to use modern technology to promote a fresh literary ideas, exchange views, information flow and facilitate access to the widest possible group of literary society.

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